Media seduces! 'Dido' moves away from the king. I'm not happy with the 2 giant teams waiting.

It is revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo's wing Real Madrid will move the team this summer, of course, with two clubs to grab the team.

Foreign news agency reported on 7 June that Cristiano Ronaldo wing attacked the door. "White King" Real Madrid will move away from the Santiago Bernabeu local course this summer.

Captain of the 33-year-old Portuguese national team said after helping Real Madrid win the UEFA Cup. Champions League He is considering his future. The latest news from the Portuguese newspaper record that Ronaldo will move out of Real Madrid, certainly with the old Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain to grab the team.

Meanwhile, Marga, the Spanish media. The report added that Ronaldinho's agent Mendez was in talks with Juan Carlos I of Sanchez, the general of Real Madrid on Tuesday. But Ronaldo did not want to pay a fee of up to 65 million pounds a year, which made Ronaldo very dissatisfied. The club focused on grabbing Naymar over trying to keep up with his demands to keep him on the team.

Ronaldo is also unhappy with the club releasing his close friend Pepe out of the squad and lobbied players like Fabio Coeneda and Hamas Rodriguez in the last season. Come And the last straw that made Ronaldo decide to move the ufabet team is that Cindyn Zanan resigned as manager of the White King.

Media seduces! 'Dido' moves away from the king.

 I'm not happy with the 2 giant teams waiting.



All photos by Anibal Toro