"Chiba Glass" rehearsal before the flight Indo

"Chiba Glass" rehearsal before the flight Indo

"Chaba Glass" to rehearse the last meal before leaving for the Indonesian national team. To prepare for the Asian Games and the ASEAN Championship.

May 24, 2018 at 4.30 pm at the soccer field of the Center for Football Development in Bangkok, Thonburi. Thai national football team Before the trip to Indonesia on May 25 to prepare for a friendly match with the Indonesian national team on 27 and 30 May 2018.

In training It takes 1 hour 30 minutes to focus on the ball. And shooting

After practicing "Nancy" Sunisa created Thais, the captain of the Thai women's national football team, said: "The encounter with Indonesia in the warm-up game. This time, we need to do well because we do not know how he developed. But we will make it to the top two, it is good because in the ASEAN Championship. We have to meet him "

"Coaching is a must for everyone, whether old or new, to test everyone's potential. We hope to win both games in the warm up this time because we practice hard each and every ufabet day. "

For the program of warm up 2 shots of "Chaba Glass" with the Indonesian national football team. Will be held on 27 and 30 May 2018 in Palembang. Indonesia

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This is enough! Rumors of "Marxist" with a new contract, but with one key condition.



Antoine Marseille, striker of the Manchester United striker, is ready to sign a new contract with a five-year team, but under one condition.

The Times reported that the French center was considering a new contract. After the management of the Red Devils. I do not want to do the request of Jose Mourinho to sell him out of the team to raise funds to buy new players.


The conditions that will make this Starfighter Man signed a contract is that the Special Day was fired from the manager.


The situation of the boss of Old Trafford is now in crisis. After he led the team to two successive defeats in the Premier League against Brighton with a score of 2-3 and the latest home ufabet game to lose to Tottenham Hot Spurs to 0-3.


By the media, many believe that if the next appointment to meet Burnley is not good or to lose again. May the destiny of the former Real Madrid and Chelsea is broken down.


The cracks of the pair that occurred last season. Following the move of Alexis Sanchez in January, Markos permanently lost his place. And often the Red Devil boss blames the form on several occasions. And the cracks are more difficult to coordinate. The 22-year-old striker was fined £ 180,000 because of a break from the pre-season tour in the ufabet United States. To return to visit his second wife in Paris.


The fee for a new contract at the French center is £ 130,000 a week. It will be extended from the original contract to expire in 2020.

This is enough! Rumors of "Marxist" with a new contract, but with one key condition.



All photos by Anibal Toro